Posted on April 21, 2010


TURKISH IMMIGRATES IN GERMANY Turkish people are the largest group of foreigners living in Germany, and the Turks have the most problems of any other nationality of becoming apart of the German society according to the “Heilbronner Stimme.” The United States faces some of the same problems with foreigners living in our country.

Among the Turks in Germany only 41 percent have an elementary or high school education, and seven percent are illiterate. Only 15 percent of Turks have a knowledge of the German language. Another Turk problem is the aggressiveness of their Muslim religion.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Turkey president recently and was requested to set up Turkish schools in Germany for Turk children. Merkel turned the proposal down, and she said that Turkish citizens must learn German and apply for citizenship or they will be returned to Turkey. It takes eight years for a foreigner to obtain German citizenship.

Hispanic people in California have Spanish speaking schools, and  Hispanic people are not required to file and acquire citizenship.

Polish, Greek, Italian and other European nationals have assimilated into the German society and job market.Only 10 percent of these foreigners know German.unsatisfactory or not at all.

Another factor is one half of the Turks have frequent contacts with the German population weekly. Other foreigners have several friendly contacts with Germans every week.

In America with over 12 million illegal Hispanics in our country, it would do well for us to require them to register and acquire citizenship, and also to learn the English language. Those Hispanics who do not comply should be deported to their native country