Posted on April 24, 2010



I have lost count of the times I have read headlines in many publications since 9/11 of important Al-Qaeda leaders being killed  by our unmanned airplanes, and the implication is something that that this is going to incapacitate the terrorists. For over eight years we have been hunting the chief Al-Qaeda leader bin Laden without success.

Are we readers supposed to be gullible enough to believe that Al-Qaeda does not have the resources to quickly and easily replace their leaders? That is just silly.

We do not have DNA or pictures showing the Al-Qaeda leaders were killed.

I think this kind of journalism is a carryover from American generals reporting so called body counts during the Vietnam War. These Afghanistan reports are equally meaningless as to the progress of that war.

NATO troops are starting their Afghanistan pull out this year. We are to start pulling out in 2011.

Pulling out of Afghanistan is a good thing. Maybe we will lessen the hate and also the development of Al-Qaeda leaders.

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