Posted on May 3, 2010



We need to abide by current immigration laws, and stop President Barrack Obama’s policy of relaxed enforcement.

The president’s idea of immigration reform is to make legal the status of 12 million who entered the United States illegally after they pay a fine and endure other inconveniences. The president’s policy is the lessening of border enforcement.

Obama reversed the Bush policy of building a border fence by stopping construction, even though 250 miles of the 900 miles of concrete and steel remain unbuilt. His Home Land Security has been reluctant to conduct large scale immigration raids on workplaces.

The nation has tried something like Obama’s proposed policy. It was called the Simpson-Maggoli Act signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. The border remained porous and 24 years later we have over 12 million illegal immigrants.

The Obama immigration policy is nonsensical. We need to enforce the immigration laws we have on the books and complete the border fence. If a law is important enough to have, it is important enough to enforce. Immigration is a federal problem, and states like Arizona should not have to enact their own laws. Those illegal immigrants living in the United States should be permitted to apply for citizenship, and they must learn English. If they don’t do this, they should be deported.

Immigrant entry must be on a quota system based on the person wanting to earn U.S. citizenship. A mass crackdown on businesses hiring illegals must be a continued program. And certainly Hispanics could enter the United States on work permits.