Posted on May 8, 2010



Few doubt the sincerity or power of the tea party movement. The movement stands on the U.S. Constitution, free market principles, limited government and individual liberty.

Though the tea party followers pledge allegiance to no leader or party, Republicans are most likely to be found at their gatherings.

Three term conservative Sen. Bob Bennett lost the Republican Party nomination in Utah, and two unknown tea party Republicans will hold a run off in the June primary. Bennett voted for the Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP) aka “bank bailout” during the George W. Bush administration. He advanced a market driven health care reform bill as an alternative to the Democratic plan, and both included an insurance mandate.

Never  mind a Republican president proposed the bailout or that free marketers felt TARP was critical to keeping the nation’s economy out of a deep depression.

Of course, the tea party people attack President Barrack Obama at every gathering. The Democrats have many problems in Congress to tackle all at once. Also, they want to balance the budget like during the Clinton years. They know what needs to be done, and they will attempt to do it.

Tea party people are mostly upset with government spending, taxes and the national deficit. They are for defeating all incumbents in November, and even kicking out good legislators. The long promised purge is on, and anyone fantasizing about bringing bipartisanship to Washington can choke on that hope. And, of  course, the Republicans have been the party of “No” since Obama became president.

My questions to the tea party people are: Where are your answers to solving government problems? How do you propose to keep the government running?

Who will be qualified and brave enough to legislate? If no one, then what?

The truth is I believe the tea party will fade away like Ross Perot reform movement. I have faith in the American voters to see through this movement.