Posted on June 7, 2010



Too often, failure to observe rules leads to disaster as evidenced by the nine people killed when a stubborn activist group refused to follow proper protocol to bring an aid shipment to Gaza recently.

Israel has blockaded the Gaza Strip ever since it was taken over by the militant Palestinian group Hamas. Israel inspects aid shipments for weapons and materials which can be used for military purposes, and several ships carrying weapons has been stopped.

Hamas wants to destroy the Jewish state, and over 4,000 rockets have been lobbed into Israel from the Gaza Strip.

According to international law Israel has the right to inspect ships on the high seas in order to defend its security.

Humanitarian groups say the blockade has led to malnutrition and other health problems in Gaza; however, Israel has permitted supplies to enter Gaza on a daily basis.

The aim of the recent flotilla was to end the blockade in addition to bringing medical and other supplies to Gaza. Terrorists armed with hand guns, steel rods and other weapons boarded the lead ship at another port.

The lead ship refused the cargo to be inspected. Israeli Navy commandos boarded the ship and were rebuffed and attacked. Afterwords the commandos resorted to lethal force, and nine people were killed and several Israelis were injured.

As usual, the European Union nations condemned Israel, and stated that East Jerusalem must be established as the Palestinian capital. Israel will never agree to this. Around the world Israel was condemned, and even American leaders stated that the blockade could not last forever. Because of the current administration’s Israeli policy and more friendly relations with Arab nations, the Middle East has become more of a place of unrest.

Also, other nations would not permit a flotilla to run a blockade; so why should Israel?

What really is needed is a viable peace plan for the Middle East. But this requires a change in the attitudes of Hamas, Hezbolldah and Fatah, and the nations of Iran, Syria and Arab countries which have the words “push Israel into the sea” in their national constitutions.