Posted on July 5, 2010



The Obama administration has set an ambitious goal to end homelessness within the next decade. This plan will take a major commitment to make it a reality.

The plan is called “Opening Doors.” It calls for helping the most vulnerable homeless populations including children, veterans and families by providing rent subsidies and repairing vacant buildings for housing. There are few details how the plan will work.

The plan aims to build on a Bush administration initiative that also aimed to end homelessness in 10 years. That program made some inroads but obviously fell far short of its goal.

The homeless numbers are rising because of the recession, high unemployment and mounting foreclosures. And the numbers will continue to rise as more veterans return home from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because we are reducing troops in Iraq, and we will reduce troops in Afghanistan starting July, 2011.

The big question is whether or not Republicans  will go along with Democrats in Congress to  provide the needed funding to help the homeless?

It would be a shame if we fail to help homeless veterans and children. Tent city camps in St. Louis has been in the news recently. One tent  city located under a railroad bridge had to move.

This is disgraceful and even more reason a federal plan to help keep people off the streets deserves top priority.