Posted on July 12, 2010



Every four years for just one month, the world’s number one sport of soccer completely flattens the earth as 32 teams compete on the pitch for the World Cup trophy.

While the Olympic  Games bring together much of the world in competition, and individuals can make their mark in single events, soccer stands alone among team sports in its ability to erase economic and cultural differences.

The equalizing power of soccer lies in its simplicity. In the poorest nations in the world, children fashion soccer balls from plastic bags, rags and string.

All you need is  some sticks for goals and you’re good to  go. Nothing is better.

The World Cup championship match featured Spain and the Netherlands. In a contest between two soccer powerhouses, Spain won, 1-0 in overtime. This was the first World Cup championship victory for Spain, and it was the first time the World Cup was held in Africa. Vuvuzelas were included.

Millions around the world watched the World Cup games outdoors on giant TV screens. Millions of the fans are women who are very knowledgeable of the game.

My wife, a native of Germany, reminds me it is not soccer but foosball (football).

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