Posted on July 21, 2010



Republicans and Democrats realize that our federal debt and budget is on a run away track to destruction.

The present track the federal government is following “will destroy the country from within,” Eskine Bowles, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, and former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson, said recently.

Both men are co-chairmen of President Barack Obama’s bipartisan commission to cut the deficit and debt.

The deficit spending of more than $1 trillion a year in recent times is so unsustainable that military experts now warn it has become a significant threat to national security.

We can learn a lesson from history. President Richard M. Nixion noted that the Republican administration had increased the Pentagon budget and cuts needed to be made somewhere. He purposed the “abolition or deep cuts to more than 100 grant programs that benefited unemployed, students, farmers, veterans, small businessmen, the mentally ill and tenants in federal aided housin

Some candidates for federal office today want to eliminate Socal Security, Medicare and the new Health Care Plan. We need to reduce waste in these programs. But mandated government programs need to be maintained even if we must borrow money. Most households borrow money for vehicles and homes.

Back to President Nixon, his actions brought about more body bags and also a loud public outcry because of grant cuts. The result was that Nixon withdrew from Vietnam in his call for “Peace with Honor.”

We are facing much of the same problems. We can raise taxes and that would not be good in these economic times. We can cut grant programs or we can withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq. In any vent we have not been paying for those wars, and some taxes must be raised.

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