Posted on July 24, 2010



Mother used to say, “Charles, throw your shoulders back, walk tall and with your head up.” Something has happened to people since my younger days in Fair Play, Missouri.

“Heads up” is the first command I heard from my baseball and basketball coaches. And when an errant baseball was about to drop on the schoolyard,  we knew to duck for cover. In the U.S. Army when the command was “Heads Up” we knew enemy fire was overhead.

If you don’t play “heads up” in the game of life, bad things happen. That is why hockey players must learn to skate with their heads up or they will get whacked when they try moving up the ice.

In the work force we are reminded to keep our heads up. Nobody wants to be caught being a slumping, sleepy head.

But today fewer people are heeding the “heads up” advice. We are occupied with cell phones, PDAs, video game players, digital music players and more. All are drawing our heads downward, and we are not keeping our eyes on the road.

People are performing the basic functions of life with their heads down. This is an obstacle to the rest of us.

People checking their BlackBerries or iPhones while driving their vehicles is a hazard. They are not keeping their  eyes on the road. Such activity should be against the law.

And we need to keep our eyes on the road of life.  How else will we know who to voe for in the August 3 primary? And after studying Prop. C, we will want to vote against it August 3.

Heads up everyone. If your time has come, don’t go out without knowing what it you. You might miss the inevitable apocalypse when it comes.

Yes, I’m throwing my shoulders back, keeping my head up and walking tall. Why don’t you join me?

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