Posted on August 4, 2010



Many of us voted for Barack Obama with the understanding that he and the Democratic majority in Congress would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The President has announced that by the end of this month there will be no more combat troops in Iraq, and only diplomatic people and military support will remain.

July, 2011 has been set by the President as the date to start reducing combat troops in Afghanistan. The Netherlands are leaving now. England will leave Afghanistan next year. Germany is reducing the number of troops there this year

We voted for hope and change, and yes, peace. We voted to end the politicization of war, and to get back to the ideals and values this nation was build upon. Obama promised health care reform, and the mandate was passed despite all Republican no votes. Progress is being made on immigration, reduced budget and clean energy measures despite the recession and no votes by one party in Congress.

A secure United States is one that is economically sound, and where its citizens are confident that its elected leaders are making the right decisions. Always to say “no” is acting like a child. It would be better if the two political parties would work together to come up with solutions to our nation’s problems.

There are goals of our President which need to be worked on by all members of Congress.

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