Posted on August 14, 2010


Being a liberal has become a bad label, and it used to not be that way. This has all come about because some politicians want to take shots at liberals. The fact is most of us are liberal on some issues and conservative on others. I want to conserve the gains we have made in our American society and enhance them.

You see, I identify with those presidents who have helped advance American society, so you can call me a liberal.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt proudly proclaimed himself a liberal. So did that famous Missourian Harry S Truman. So did John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. I am proud to be in that company.

By the fruits ye shall know them. Liberals fought for every advance in American society; almost always against conservative resistance; usually bitter, even hysterical.

Look at this list of passed legislation which benefits us all: Child labor laws, the eight hour day, the minimum wage, the graduated income tax, direct election of senators, women’s suffrage, pure food and drug laws, the Securities and Exchange Commission, insured savings banks, rural electrification, the Tennessee Valley Authority, labor’s right to organize, bargain and strike, and more laws.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, the Peace Corps, food stamps, federal aid to education, legal services for the poor, clean air and water laws, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting just to mention several improvements to our society.

And now, the Obama administration, reform of the health system, Wall Street reform, new consumer protections, a bank bailout, rescue of the auto industry and thousands of jobs that go with it. All this against the fierce opposition of conservatives.

What should we make of the people who attack the president of the United States as a Nazi, a communist, an alien who seeks  to destroy our country? These people can choose to call themselves whatever they want. But I don’t call them conservatives.

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