Posted on August 18, 2010



The calendar reads 2010, but things are looking like 1930 even like when we were coming out of the Great Depression. Today we are coming out of the biggest recession since 1929.

In 1930, there were people shouting about who and/or what we needed to be afraid of and do.

Today, we have the Tea Party groups and Fox News Channel for that. Some of the same ideas like the country is broke and needs fixing, and the president does not have a clue existed then and now.

In 1930, there was a distrust of all immigrants even though they all entered the country legally. It was about the immigrants taking jobs away from those that were born here, and those not working, using emergency rooms and social services.

Today, we focus on the illegal Hispanic immigrants,  and can Herbert Hoover’s Repatriation Act be far away? Many people want to deport the 10 million illegal immigrants. But, we don’t have the money to do this.

Others want to delete from the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution ” illegal immigrant children obtaining citizenship by birth in this country.” That change in the constitution will not happen.

We have even a religion hate: In 1930, the Jews “caused the financial crisis that brought on the Great Depression.”

Today, the Muslims are the root of all evil.

Why, in 1930, Hoover and the Republicans were trying to balance the budget by slashing spending; however, they provided subsidies to corporations and the wealthy.

In 1930, there was high unemployment and few available jobs. Today, we are in a similar situation. It took a long time to correct this situation then, and it will possibly be a long time before unemployment drops to around five percent today.

All this proves the adages, “What goes around comes around” or “What was old becomes new again.”

And, we know that better times are around the corner.

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