Posted on August 29, 2010



The goal of terrorists is to cause fear in an opposing populace. If we refuse to let mosques to be built in violation of our own constitution, out of fear, then terrorists win.

Every time we overreact to peaceful Muslims out of fear of the very real violent ones, the terrorists’ campaign of terror has been a success. The terrorists can win more recruits to their cause, and by the way, these terrorists are using a religion for their purpose.

Americans need to calm down and find the true enemy. The far political right is good at fanning the flames of hate, and this is the case in opposing the mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero in New York City. In fact, a mosque or prayer room already exists in the building that will be torn down for a new seven story culture center and mosque.

Early during World War 11 Americans rounded up American-Japanese and placed them in prison camps. These were American citizens mind you.

Not every German in 1943 was a Nazi, not every Russian in 1955 was a member of the Communist Party, and not every Muslim today is a suicide bomber. And let us not forget how Americans treated the “salvages” Indians when we took their land away from them.

Too many Americans are quick to stereotype people and/or their religions.

Yes, build the mosque and cultural center and sure to add a food court.

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