Posted on September 5, 2010



“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

How many times have we heard that? But when we consider the country’s financial plight, that’s a cliche that is right on the money, literally. The economy is the number one issue before voters this November.

So was it the number one problem for James “Ragin Cajun” Carville back in 1992 when he posted a sign in the Bill Clinton for President campaign headquarters that read “It’s the Economy Stupid.”

And today 18 years later Carville says “More than ever, it’s the economy stupid.” And certainly all the polls show that Carville is right. Today’s economy is like a raw wound that won’t adequately heal.

Unemployment is chronic. About one in 10 are out of work, and others are working part time. Home sales are dropping in comparison to previous years. Economic growth is slow. The yo-yo stock market spends much time in the “sleeper” position.

Voters are asking Republicans to come up with an answer to our economic problems. But so far, the Republicans have not come up with a plan. They just point out the problems.

Perhaps the biggest problem involves the reality check from President Barack Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gates, who admits: “There’s only so much that can be done.” Whether we have Democrats or Republicans in charge of our government, it does not seem to make much difference.

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