Posted on September 10, 2010



America has got to stop that “great sucking sound” as jobs go overseas which Ross Perot predicted would take place when he ran for president. And President Barack Obama wants  to close “billions of dollars in tax breaks that encourages companies to create jobs and profits in other countries.”

But it is doubtful the President will get bipartisan support on this issue, and Democrats will probably hold off taking action prior to November elections. That is a shame because we need  to stop American jobs from being moved overseas.

For example, General Electric is closing its last major factory which makes incandescent light bulbs in the United States. This is sad because  the company traces its roots to Thomas Alva Edison’s innovations including the light bulb.

The remaining 200 GE workers will lose their jobs. Most of these workers are in their 50’s or older, and they have a difficult time finding other work. Missouri has seen several manufacturing plants close and move to a foreign country.

What made the GE bulb plant vulnerable is, in part, a 2007 energy conservation measure passed by Congress that sets standards essentially banning ordinary incandescent bulbs by 2014. The law will force Americans to switch to the more efficient twisted bulbs.

The CFL or twisted bulbs are made in China even though they were invented in this country. China has cheap labor available to make the twisted bulbs. If these bulbs were made here, they would cost 45 to 50 cents more each.

The Winchester, Virginia GE plant closing was brought about by both government and GE decisions. As we develop green energy products, we need to understand what happens to the products and people replaced.

Fluorescent bulbs are energy efficient, and they will continue to be made in America.

We need to support President Obama in his effort to keep jobs in America by stopping tax breaks and incentives for corporations to move their plants out of our country.

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