Posted on September 23, 2010



For years many Americans have lived with uncertainty about their health insurance: lifetime caps, recisions, coverage for life saving screenings. New provisions started September 23, the six month anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Health Care Act, which addresses some of the biggest concerns customers had about the failing health system.

These new requirements will help transform worry about coverage into stability, security and peace of mind for health care consumers.

As of September 23, new and renewing health insurance policies must:

.Stop dropping policyholders.

.Eliminate lifetime insurance limits. Your insurance must be there for as long as you need it no matter how much the insurance company pays out to cover claims.

.Provide affordable preventive care. Regular and recommended screenings as well as essential health services such as immunizations will be provided without charging co-pays or other forms of cost sharing.

.Extend coverage to young adults to age 26.

September 23 is a big milestone in health reform as these new provisions will ensure healthier kids, families and individuals though out America. There are more benefits to come.

That’s the peace of mind we need and deserve. Hopefully congressmen will not waste time trying to do way with the Affordable Health Care Act. President Barack Obama will veto any such move.


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