Posted on October 8, 2010



No one seems to mention the obvious about bicycles on trails and vehicles on roads and highways.

You wouldn’t cross the street without looking. You wouldn’t let your children just wander into the oncoming traffic.

My late Uncle Bill Fleer was driving an ambulance in Springfield, Missouri when two children ran into his path chasing a ball and were killed. Uncle Bill was transporting a person to the hospital emergency, and the ambulance’s siren was sounding and the lights were flashing. This was a tragic event.

You wouldn’t change lanes without looking. And you wouldn’t stand in the road visiting with your friends, now would you?

Didn’t your mother teach you to look both ways before crossing the street? Of course she did.

Cyclists need to treat every walker and runner, when approached from behind, as though to expect them to suddenly turn around without looking or do a left turn right into the path of the bicycle. Vehicles should treat cyclists with the same caution.

If you have to yell or honk your horn to make your presence known, it’s better to scare them some what than to run them down.

And what about those dogs on long leashes?

Bicycles, vehicles and people have the right to share trails, roads and highways.

We need to look out for each other. It’s all just common sense. Unfortunately, common sense isn’t so common.

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