Posted on October 15, 2010



With about two weeks to go before Election Day, we can’t be certain who will emerge with control of Congress. We can be certain though about what will happen to the Republican Party if it wins and what it will do with its power: make up with Granny. There has been too much mixing tea with the Republicans.

We know that candidates are wearing themselves out screaming hysterically at their opponents for allegedly suggesting anyone with white hair should ever be asked to sacrifice in the interest of fiscal balance, economic vitality o national survival. And, it is always the opponents who want to take away Granny’s entitlements.

However, it is the so called Tea Party supported Republican candidates who are making the wildest threats to Granny’s well being.

Some Republicans favor moderating the4 growth of (a.k.a. “cutting”) Medicare spending. Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, one of the GOP’s young visionaries, proposes to save money by replacing the existing Medicare entitlement with vouchers, so retirees can buy private coverage.

That may or may not be the optimal remedy, but there is no escaping the need to contain entitlement costs. Granny doesn’t like Rep. Ryan’s idea. She believes she has paid into Social Security and Medicare for most of her working life. This was taken out of her paycheck, and she wants the benefits as she was promised.

Republican candidate for U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger in Illinois proposes raising the Social Security retirement age to 70. Granny knows this will not apply to here.

Granny really has a problem with the Tea Party sponsored Republican Senatorial candidate in Nevada. Sharron Angle is running against Sen. Harry Reid, Democrat Majority Leader. Angle wants to repeal Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare. If this happens, Granny does not know how she will be able to exist.

The anti-deficit Concord Coalition points out hat by 2042, absent reform, Social Security will take 50 percent more out of the budget than it does today. This will force a big increase in payroll taxes.

Don’t mess with Granny’s entitlements or health care. Granny, a life long Republican, is having doubts about some Republican candidates. She wants candidates to know that she votes every election.

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