Posted on November 6, 2010



Many people believe they can put their finger on much of what’s wrong with the United States these days, bu few can come up with sensible answers to solving the problems confronting our nation.

It’s impossible to explain much of America’s political discourse in coffee shops and around the dinner table these days without accounting for the fact that so many Americans are both grossly misinformed and resistant to correction.
There seems to be more anger over political positions today then in years past.

Among the most important misconceptions is the idea pushed by the Tea Party and Republicans that it will be possible to balance the deficit while simultaneously cutting taxes and keeping the kind of government services that the vast majority of Americans would  find remotely acceptable. They forget that about 75 percent of the nation budget are fixed expenses for interest, Social Security, Medicare, and defense of our nation. Remember, we pay into Social Security and Medicare, and we pay a national gasoline tax to upkeep our highways. Some in Washington want to cut or do away with these items.

As more Americans are able to go to work, we have their tax payments to reduce the deficit budget.

Until Americans stop believing only what they want to believe, we will never be an informed voting populace that is capable of making intelligent decisions. I have seen too often the lesser qualified candidate elected because voters believe TV smear ads and lies. We need to keep informed by reading several newspapers and not rely on TV and radio talk show hosts for our information. And we must realize that the newly elected politicians in Washington will be unable to keep their promises to the voters.  Angry voters will replace them, and these voters do not care if they are Republican or Democrat.

We need to stop listening to politicians who only tell us what we want to hear. We need to develop better thinking skills, and show the courage to face the truth and make  the right decisions. We need to keep informed by reading several newspapers.

If we do not change our ways, we will see more of the same in 2012 of what took place during this election year.

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