Posted on November 13, 2010



Now that Republicans have the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, and they have promised a “new direction,’ they should start with themselves by setting an example.

They should look at cutting congressional salaries, benefits, and perquisites as a way to reduce the cost of government and the deficit.

How about a freeze or reduction in congressional salaries? They could eliminate higher salaries for the congressional leadership. Congressional members should pay 100 percent of their own health insurance premiums and be under the same hospital system as we are. Their retirement benefits should be under Social Security and Medicare like ours are.

Congressional allowances should stop for everything from office staff to travel. Republican congressmen want to cut those items that pertain to the majority of the people and not to themselves.

And by the way, we will need tax increases to balance the budget and reduce the deficit. But, Republicans do not want more taxes, and they do not want the Bush tax cuts to expire because most of them are in that tax bracket with incomes over $250000.

Perhaps if members of Congress were experiencing what most Americans must cope with, they would be better able to find solutions, rather than continue gridlock. The fact is that Congress got us into this deficit mess.

If Congress cannot get the job done in the next two years, let’s kick them out and let them see how it is to be unemployed.

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