Posted on November 18, 2010



What have we got going on with the newly elected Republicans in the House of Representatives?

Regarding to the continuing of the “Bush tax break” discussion (“White House, GOP lawmakers set terms to debate policy,” last Monday): President Barrack Obama needs to grow a backbone. Also, last Tuesday the Republican leadership stated that they were too busy to meet with President  Obama in a scheduled bipartisan meeting at the White House. The Republicans suggested that the President schedule the bipartisan meeting for November 30 which is a busy time for the lame duck Congress. It’s time Obama do something good for the vanishing Middle Class.

The “Bush tax break” is not really tax cuts. What is happening is an end to a 10 year program. The question is not tax cuts, but whether to extend the “Bush tax break. This question is split into two camps: First, those who want middle class rates, and Second, those who want the tax rates to continue for those who earn more than $250,000. Of course, there is a third choice, let the “Bush tax break” expire as scheduled by the end of the year.

Since these tax rates have been in place 10 years, is there proof that they have been used to increase jobs? Small businesses have been laying off workers like crazy.

How do we pay for the huge hole this program blew into the budget and deficit during the past 10 years? Do we want to continue more of the same?

Continuing tax cuts for the rich while threatening to starve the unemployed and destroy health care for the elderly as proposed by the new Republicans is not acceptable policy. The GOP continues to push these ideas, and it shows just how out of touch they are with reality.

This new Congress hasn’t even been seated, but it’s time to start planning its replacement.

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