Posted on November 30, 2010



I am one among several people who joins newly elected Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, because we enjoy wearing hats, and we have a “hatitude.”

Wilson is shaking things up in Washington even before taking her oath of office  in January. She wants to wear her trademark hats in the halls of Congress. But ancient House rues prohibit hats being worn on the House floor.

Wilson, a freshman Democrat, is asking for the rule to be amended or possibly waved. She will probably need a full House vote to accomplish her goal.

Wilson says that the hat rule is sexist and outdated. She objects that she will probably be forbidden from wearing a hat for her official photo.

A former state representative and senator, Wilson is well known in Florida for her flamboyant and colorful hats. She has said she wears the hats in honor of her grandmother.

From ancient times women have worn hats in doors, and Wilson does not see why she should not continue the tradition.

Sure, the new Republican and the Tea Party controlled House has more serious matters to consider. But it should let Wilson wear her hat.

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