Posted on December 13, 2010



My grandfather was a lifelong Republican, and he lived at Fair Play and Bolivar, Missouri. Obviously, he saw many presidents come and go. If he lived today, he would offer a little advice to today’s Republican Party.

Two short years from now, we will face another presidential election. Old, entrenched politicians are denying that they plan to run for the presidency while coyly suggesting that they might be persuaded to do so.

We don’t need another promenade of warmed over political hacks to choose from, and we certainly don’t need a man who breaks down and cries on public television when he thinks he will be selected the next speaker of the house.

Nor do we need a woman who attacks the late John F. Kennedy’s speech on the separation of personal  religion from politics even though a belief in God is important. That woman has been wrong on other issues also.

So here is what my grandfather’s advice to the Republican Party leaders would be. Select a candidate from the world of solid, energetic young men and women who have already proved their ability to manage people in the real world.

These are the kind of Americans who, if elected, will choose steady, cear minded Cabinet members from both political parties, who truly love our country, rather than extreme partisans from the right or left.

But, grandfather would doubt that the Republican Party will move to the sensible middle road soon.

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