Posted on January 13, 2011



We are missing the most important point by trying to affix blame for the terrible incident in Tucson.

The left is trying to show that the right caused the problem by using heated rhetoric, and the right responds by saying that there is no proof of such a connection. Instead, we should be looking at how to prevent such terrible events.

For this incident, it has been shown that there was no connection between the past rhetoric and the tragedy. However, I think everyone will agree that there “could have been” a connection. One thought is that we should all be following the teachings of Jesus Christ instead of attacking our fellow men.

Unstable people “could be” pushed over the edge when noted politicians or talk show hosts are not careful in the language and media images they use.

Both sides of the political parties should work together to avoid any rhetoric that could be misinterpreted by unstable people. There are still many civil ways for the right and left to present their political messages without going too far.

Everyone will be better off by focusing on future prevention instead of trying to affix past blame or defending personal attacks about what occurred at Tucson.

With all the screaming of the tea party about “the government’s takeover of the health care system,”  the fact is overlooked that not every mentally deranged person in this country is on medication, getting professional help, or in the hospital or mental institution, if necessary. The reason? Cost which has resulted in cutbacks in care for the mentally ill in the various states.

Care for the mentally ill always falls on the families and more so because of the government cutbacks in mental health care. The families cannot afford the expensive meds, and often the family is too stressed out dealing with a family member whose behavior doesn’t make sense.

How ironic that the tea party rhetoric decrying our new health care system.  When fully in place, Obamacare will have a positive effect on the lives of the mentally ill, and there will be a very real benefit for everyone else, and it could  possibly been an answer to the equation of preventing another tragedy.

How sad, by not caring for the mentally ill, the Tucson tragedy occurred.

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