Posted on January 18, 2011



On Tuesday, I received an e-mail with the subject line “unbelievable!” It sounded familiar, and so I opened it with some trepidation.

Not to my surprise, it was similar to an e-mail I had received about a year ago, around this same time of the year. The content was as disturbing to me then as it is now. Not unlike other e-mails that circulate with an agenda, this one had many agendas: Proclaim your patriotism, deplore Muslims, and degrade the president, and all because of a postage stamp.

The e-mail told the reader that there is a stamp that “President Obama directed” to “remember and honor the Eid Muslim holiday season with a new commemorative 44 cent holiday stamp.”

We are to “adamantly and vocally boycott this stamp” when purchasing stamps and say, “No thank you, I do not want thnat Muslim stamp on my letters.”

I am also to pass this e-mail along to “every patriotic American” I know.

The circulation of this e-mail is disturbing as it represents a “lemming” attitude. I try not to get baited by these e-mails, but I find that when  they come from people I know, I feel obligated to respond.

I told the sender a few things:

.A little investigation would have proven this e-mail was untrue. President Obama did not direct that commemorative stamp. The stamp was originally created in 2001, 34 cents, during the Bush administration.

.The stamp commemorating Eid is not the only religious stamp out there. There are stamps of angels, the Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa (who is not from the U.S.), Hanukkah, etc. No one blinks an eye about those stamps. Why is there such a fuss over a Muslim holiday?

.Our country was founded on religious freedom and expression. Isn’t this stamp, as an expression of religion, a patriotic act?

Personally, I think stamps  should be limited to the country’s leaders, specifically our presidents, and to scenic sites in  the U.S.  Otherwise, the American flag alone is all we need.

This is another example of attacks on President Obama like calling him a Muslim and saying he was not born in the U.S.

As we witness the lemmings buying into the catchphrases of the day without any thought to their validity or relevance, it is important the that the few who choose to question and  challenge the untruths succeed in quashing the vicious implications that flourish.

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