Posted on January 31, 2011



What would Thomas Jefferson do? A reasonable and great man, he kept politics in its proper place.

I firmly believe that the only reason the “pundits” are dominating the airways is that most people are content with someone else making up their minds for them. They listen to these out of control, self serving nuts (that is, the pundits voicing extremism on both sides of the political debate) who are only interested in keeping their ratings up.

To add to the problem, we get viral e-mails that are either lies or contain nothing but a fragment of truth. Unsuspecting or uncaring readers blithely forward them to friends and acquaintances who then forward yet again. Meanwhile, vicious untruths are spreading, inflaming everyone with whom they come in contact.

We can’t even disagree with each other without losing relationships. For heaven’s sake, we are a nation built on debate and compromise. It is unhealthy and unproductive for all of us to think the same way, unless we want to be a nation of Stepford wives.

America is a wonderful, fair country. We can voice our opinions without fear. We love the underdog. We admire the ethics of the old West where a man’s word was his bond.

We are a Christian nation.  Brotherly love and following the teachings of Jesus Christ is the answer to most of our personal and political problems. Even the differences in Washington, D.C. could be resolved by following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Let’s return to those values that made us the great nation we are.

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