Posted on February 13, 2011



OK. Let’s wait and see. Worried people worry about everything that can go wrong in Egypt. Much can go wrong, but today is not the day to worry.

Today is the day for celebration, and the day when all things are possible. The Egyptian people made their dictator go, and for now everything we thought we knew about the Middle East has changed.

The spark was lit by the Tunisian fruit seller who set himself afire. The flame leaped to Egypt, and through Hosni Mubarak who though he could withstand it. He couldn’t. Arab nations are afraid the revolution will spread elsewhere in the Middle East.

The revolution came when hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets which had forever belonged to the thuggish secret police. Tahrir Square has now the chance to be remembered like the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

It depends on what happens next. Egypt has a chance for democracy. That isn’t to say that the Muslim Brotherhood won’t play a role. But the truth is that the leadership role belongs to the Army, which must find a way to bring opposition leaders into an interim government while trying to set up the foundations of democracy.

The Army will honor all treaties with other nations. Free elections will come soon. America has supported the Egyptian Army with about $2 billion annually.

There is a lesson for America and the West about stability in the Middle East. We believed stability is achieved by supporting Murbarak which we did for the past 30 years. Stability is not in dictators or personalities; it is found in the support of the people.

America was slow to hear and understand the voices of Egyptian young people, many working for $2 a day.

During the time of revolution President Barack Obama sounded like Barack Obama who had spoken in Egypt early in his presidency. He was heard then. He is hearing the Egyptian people now.

It’s Egypt’s revolution. We all got to be part of this historical day.

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