Posted on February 20, 2011



While we Americans are excited by the changes in Egypt and sincerely wish Egyptian people success in building a true democracy, we remain concerned about risks to America’s most important and longest-standing Mideast ally, Israel.

The Obama administration must ensure that any new Egyptian government honors its peace treaty with Israel and continues its efforts to stop the smuggling of weapons into Gaza. The U.S. must continue to work with is allies to expand and enforce sanctions against Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror.

America’s Palestinian and Arab allies must be told that they should stop teaching their citizens, and especially their children, to hate Jews and Israel.

The Palestinians need to stop their revisionist history about the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Palestinians say that Solomon’s and Herald’s temples never existed on the Mount, and the existing Temple Wall is not part of a temple. They say the Temple Mount is sacred for Muslims only.

The fact is the Temple Mount is sacred to  Jews, Christian and Muslims. Solomon’s and Herald’s temples existed on the Temple Mount long before there was a Muslim religion.

The U.S. vetoed the Palestinian proposal in the United Nations. The proposal would  bypass Israel and create a Palestinian state through an unilateral declaration of independence. The Obama administration should work to bring Palestinians back to the peace negotiations with Israel in which the parties can devise a solution to Jerusalem that will bring lasting peace.

Social networks, Twitter and facebook, have become political tools that provide the people with a voice, a platform and a way to organize. This has brought about revolution in several Arab Mideast nations.

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