Posted on February 27, 2011



The current assault on public unions, the last healthy sector of the beleaguered labor movement, is by no means guaranteed to succeed.

The whole strategy, nurtured for decades by conservative activists and their corporate backers, smacks of serious overreach

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Republican, in the beginning of his third month on the job, seeks not only to extract economic concessions, which the public unions agreed to, but to bust them by stripping their bargaining rights, barring worker contributions through the unions for political operations, and forcing them to stage annual elections on whether they remain in existence. The attack is tilted heavily to stop union giving to Democratic candidates.

To top this Walker gave large corporations tax breaks that would have helped to reduce his state’s deficit.

Interestingly, the public unions that represent police and firefighters would be exempt from these rules; perhaps its sheer coincidence that Walker has exempted the folks that endorsed him in 2010?

There was a time when Republicans would openly ridicule Rahm Emanuel, the erstwhile aide to President Obama, for his ’08 remark ab0ut how “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” but they have apparently embraced this credo. They spent two years assailing the Obama team for overreach, yet now, flush with their ’10 election successes, they’re risking the same behavior.

Our  Republican controlled General Assembly is high handed in regard to voter passed amendments like concealed weapons, puppy mills, and now they want to bring the right to work issue up again after the people voted it down.

And the public is already weighing in on such actions.

And perhaps it would be more accurate to blame  the economic problems on the Great Recession then blame unions.

Labor might weather this storm.

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