Posted on March 13, 2011



The Wisconsin governor says that cutting $900 million from education and $500 million from health care, not to mention outlawing public employee unions, will create 250,000 jobs.

Wow! The only thing better would be doubling the cuts, make that $2.8 billion from kids and sick people, and getting 500,000 jobs. Why, take that to all 50 states and we’ll get 25 million jobs!

Never mind education is the number one priority in most states, and a Christian principle is to take care of the sick and needy.

However, this Wisconsin governor, who never attended college or never was elected to public office, has the answers. Plenty of jobs for all the unemployed, plus all those parasitic kids and sick people. Tax them hard, pay them low and work them without pensions or unions, and we can give oceans of cash to corporaions and millionaires and all billionaires. Then then money will trickle down to all of us.

Heck, this solves our unemployment problem. And there will be lots of bucks to put anybody who disagrees into jail, the only place for people who hate jobs and freedom.

What is wrong with this picture?

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