Posted on March 20, 2011



Charles Krauthammer says the Treasury bonds issued to the Social Security Administration for the us of my payroll taxes for something other than Social Security checks are worthless (“Social Security Empty Box.”)

You mean to tell me there is thought about reneging on the social Security Trust Fund? Renege and the world will know that America is bankrupt. The politicians were elected and took an oath to take care of the peoples’ business, and that includes Social Security.

These Social Security Bonds are worthless if we allow the nonsense Krauthammer spews out, in his newspaper columns, becomes reality.

You and I made a deal with the politicians, and I demand they honor their part of the deal by imposing a higher income and capital-gains tax bracket on the rich ($250,000 per year income) to pay for my squandered Social Security funds.

We ordinary Americans can’t sit by idly and be steamrolled again by lying politicians and their hacks. We need to hold the politicians’ feet to the fire, and kick them out if they do not take care of our Social Security funds, and see that the funds last for future generations.

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