Posted on April 10, 2011



With the Republican plan announced by Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to dump Medicare as we know it, we finally have the answer to who ought to pay for a GOP war in Afghanistan; a GOP war in Iraq; a GOP Medicare drug plan; 10 years of GOP tax breaks for the rich; and the bailout of the big banks and Wall Street, whose financial ingenuity wrecked the economy.

The answer: seniors.                                                                                                                    We should have paid for the wars, Medicare drug plan, tax breaks and bailouts as we go, but we didn’t. And furthermore, Republicans don’t want more taxes.

But wait, not all seniors would share the pain! Wealthy old fogies, as well as other rich people, would get a pass, even more tax cuts, which have always been essential to reviving the economy, according to the GOP catechism.

Now that the rich have had 10 years of reviving the economy through tax cuts, and will have more if Ryan has his way, one might borrow a line from Sarah Palin, “Hey, seniors, how’s that no-tax hing been working out for ya?”

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