Posted on April 18, 2011



Regarding to President Barack Obama’s plan for tax hike and spending cuts: he’s targeted the wealthy in laying out a deficit reduction plan.

He clearly told us what must be done to address the federal government’s imminent bankruptcy: “Most economists and budget analysts say a comprehensive mix of spending cuts and tax increases is essential to any viable deficit reduction plan.”

What part of this straightforward solution do John Boehner, Paul Ryan and their GOP colleagues not understand? Is their perception of reality so distorted by their dependence on campaign contributions from the rich that they would sooner break the backs of the poor, the working class and the elderly than risk offending their wealthy patrons with a tax increase?

One of the Republican answers to deficit reduction is to replace Medicare with government vouchers to pay the doctor, hospital or buy insurance. I can assure you that almost any voucher would run out and not cover most of these expenses. What insurance company wants to insure old and sick people? And the GOP wants to kick out our last hope for a good health program by destroying “Obamacare.” That is their way of reducing the deficit.

The simplistic scorched-earth approach to deficit reduction espoused by those who have already slammed the door on President Obama’s plan will only polarize our country more because it deliberately attempts to penalize those with differing political and social views.

The Republican approach to deficit reduction is doomed to failure because we can no more starve our government out of its deficit than we could “shock and awe” our way out of Iraq.

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