Posted on May 1, 2011



Now that our president has authorized the release of his “long form” birth certificate, indicating that he was indeed born in Honolulu, some are not satisfied.

And it is unbelievable that 45 percent of Republicans believed that President Barack Obama was not a citizen of the United States by birth.

The critics are saying, “He took too long to release the birth certificate, it might not be authentic.” If a lie is told often enough, many people believe it to be the truth. And such attack will hurt Republicans in the 2012 elections.

For the last two years we have been bombarded with rumors about our president’s birthplace, religion, his patriotism, legitimacy and loyalty as an American. In fact, one unannounced presidential candidate is now questioning our president’s academic qualifications. How silly is that?

All these attacks are ugly and racist in nature. No past president has been subjected to such attacks.

No doubt this silliness will continue even after November, 2012. These attacks on our president are embarrassing for our great nation as a leader of the free world. And the hate-mongers will not disappear. They seem to have many more lies to perpetuate regarding our first black president.

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