Posted on May 9, 2011



I cannot be silent when I hear the kind of disparaging and uninformed remarks made by critics of public education and teachers, specifically.

It is an insult to the many excellent students and educators who are passionate and devoted to sharing information and knowledge with those students and parents.

Education is an abstract and consuming occupation that demands literacy, discipline and comprehensive interpretation. It also cultivates thee powers of the mind. It is transformative. While the delivery and application of these concepts can be (and always have been) uneven, let’s not paint the whole system as ineffective or teachers as greedy do-nothings or publicly paid babysitters.

The Missouri Legislature has the power to impose its opinions and recommendations with respect to public education. A bill under consideration proposes to0 do away with teacher tenure and to put teachers on a merit system. This is a bad bill and should be killed.

I have yet to see any legislators publish their skills and experience when it comes to effectively educating Missouri children.

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