Posted on May 23, 2011



President Barack Obama believes he is appealing to the greater Muslim world by suggesting that Israel use the 1967 borders as one baseline for peace and a Palestinian homeland.

Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush made the same 1967 border as the baseline for a new Palestinian state, and negotiations started there, but peace did not come.

Israel; has consistently continued to extend the “borders of their country” into land they took in the 1967 war, and which the Palestinians claim as theirs including East Jerusalem for their capitol.

The Palestinian authority and their enemy Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip after Israel gave up that land to the Palestinians, have united to request statehood approval by the United Nations in September. The U.S. needs to veto that move in the UN Security council. without an agreement with Israel on the border questions, peace will not come.

The president’s proposal would return Syrian artillery to the Golan Heights, which would put all Galilee within range of attack, and it is not the way to “peaceful, secure borders” to which the president refers.

It’s like having a brickbat fight with someone in a second story window with you on street level.

With Iran backing Hamas, Hezballah in Lebanon and Syria, there will not be peace in the Middle East. Iran wants to drive Israel into the ocean, and many Arab nations  and Hamas do not recognize Israel as a nation.

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