Posted on June 5, 2011



A government divided won’t stand. And Americans with bills to pay and families to support are growing tired of gridlock and reruns in the U.S. Congress.

Republicans know the debt ceiling must go up. Democrats know Medicare and Social Security are rocketing toward insolvency, and serious reform is part of the solution. Republicans know that taxes for Medicare and Social Security may need to be increased.

And both sides have to know the tax code requires an overhaul. Also, regardless of considerable opposition, the tax break for those making over $250,000 must be permitted to expire in 2012 as part of the way to reduce the deficit.

Never mind that failing to raise the debt ceiling means potential catastrophe for the U.S. and global economies. Never mind that the nation’s unsustainable budgetary path could sink an already anemic recession recovery. The U.S. economy is fragile, and to fail in raising the debt limit will mean our military and people on Social Security will not get their checks.

Both Republicans and Democrats have to come down from their ideological mountains, and that includes Tea Party Republicans, and meet where they can fulfill their endless promises to do what is best for America and all the people.

And by the way, we need to show more respect for he president regardless of what party he represents.

To pile more burden on senior citizens is wrong. The economic wreckage in America’s older population is easy to find in the ashes of the recession. And when combined with the politics of a presidential election next year and talk in Congress of cuts to the system of health and economic support for retirees, the result at the polls could be volatile.

The political collision between young and old is here. So the last hope for sensible compromise might be the 37 percent of voters who are independents and who vote and control most elections. Hopefully they will know what candidates will do the best job for the American people.

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