Posted on June 26, 2011



Historically,  it is the low-income population that is always on the cutting block whether it is social services or serving in the military.

It matters not what the retirement age is, companies will find a way to terminate you before you meet the magic point. Then no one will hire you because you are too ld or do not know the field.

Too young to retire, not old enough t draw any benefits.

There are people like our Congressmen who have a lifetime of retirement and life-long free health care. I have yet to see the upper-income people suffer for the sake of the economy of this country.

Those who set up Social Security and Medicare did “put aside the money to pay for the promises that were made.” The money set aside was put in trust funds.

The Social Security trust fund amounts to $2.6 trillion in U.S. government bonds, representing 18 percent of the national debt. Unfortunately, that money has been spent on a couple of wars and a couple of tax cuts for the wealthy.

Prior to 9/11/01, the wealthy helped pay for wars. The low-income population paid for wars with the death of their sons and daughters.

But our president changed that, he gave tax cuts to the wealthy and no money was provided for fighting our wars after 9/11/01. The lower-income population sons and daughters continued to be crippled and killed in these wars.

I am not a bitter old man, just one who has been there, done that. I feel it is sad that we can’t all suffer a little together to put our Great Nation on the right path.

But greed and power seem to prevent that.

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