Posted on July 17, 2011




Washington continues to play chicken for political and ideological reasons, and our government is on a head-on crash path.

For example, the house has passed a 1.9 trillion budget for 2012, and only five Republicans voted against this budget proposal which will go too the Senate and President Obama. Let us look at what Congress does for political purposes.

The House will vote on a balance budget amendment Tuesday. And we are waiting for good news from the negotiating team of Republican and Democrat leaders in Washington in regard to the necessity of raising the debt limit. Each side makes announcements for political purposes because elections are coming up next year. They are wasting time and not getting the job done.

Unfortunately, its not good news from Washington at all. In fact, it’s very bad news.

Do you realize that the U.S. borrows 40 percent or more of its budget? This year the expenditures of 1.6 trillion is divided as follows: Medicare and Medicaid, 23 percent; Social Security, 20 percent; Defense Department, 20 percent; Other mandatory lie unemployment benefits,  12 percent; national interest on borrowed money, six percent. This amounts to 81 percent of the budget. That leaves 19 percent in salaries for government employees, government services, etc.

Let’s be realistic. Where do you suppose we are going to cut the budget by 40 percent to get a balanced budget? And yet the Republican controlled House is proposing to increase the budget in 2012.

A balanced budget amendment will not get out of Congress. And even if it did, you couldn’t get three-fourths of the state legislatures to approve it. Such a Constitutional admendment sounds good and is good for Republicans running for reelection.

In a news conference, President Obama dismissed the need for such a Constitutional amendment being passed into law. He said we need balanced budgets, but we don’t need a Constitutional amendment to do that; what we need to do is do our jobs. Amen! That is what we want our elected representatives to do.

All this saying “no” and the continued fighting and not  taking care of the people’s business must stop.

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