Posted on July 23, 2011



To members of the United States Congress, but particularly the tea partiers: it matters not if the economic woes were caused by past Congresses, Barack Obama, George W. Bush or  even Bill Clinton. What matters is that people work together to prevent catastrophe.

Many tea partiers insist that we have only a spending problem. You don’t get it. We also have a revenue problem. Most conservative think tanks say we have both a spending and a revenue problem.

Catastrophe is surely what awaits the United States if you do not raise the debt limit. The debit limit has been raised 54 times in the last 49 years without such fuss and stubbornness on many of you in Congress.

Holding the U.S. hostage to an ideal, however worthy that ideal, may destroy us. The pain you would cause by preventing the payments to so-called entitlements would not be just an “Oops,I was wrong,” but the realization that you unnecessarily destroyed what you claimed  to have been trying to save.

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