Posted on September 26, 2011



As we debate how to add jobs, I think everyone is talking around an important fact. The economic success of our world competition is based on low wages and an acceptance of a large portion of their societies living in a type of poverty that is unimaginable to our citizens. Exporting such jobs is not a bad thing.

Are we willing to accept that condition here? There is no possibility that the cost of health, food, housing and transportation will lower to meet the needs of a lower paid workforce.

Many in the current debate claim there could be full employment if we end the minimum wage. I’m sure every company would love a $2-per-hour workforce.  And others want to end union wages and benefits. But who would feed and house these people working for $2-per-hour.

Will the companies warehouse their own employees? Will we return to the days of the company store and the company doctor?

And there is a debate about doing away with government regulations because some say regulations stop job growth. But maybe those regulations protects workers by providing a safe work place?

Our country and government will prosper with a well-paid middle class. Let’s try to get back to that. Well-paid people buy more things, and this creates more jobs.

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