Posted on October 15, 2011




Business owners and the politicians that support them tell us that if we give businesses fewer regulations and lower the taxes, they will immediately begin providing jobs that the economy so desperately needs.

Recently, it seems that increased profits have been used primarily to create jobs in other countries, and that does us no good. If businesses are serious about providing new jobs, why don’t they get specific about how many new jobs they will create in exchange for specific changes?

The GOP and big businesses promised last year, if we would just extend the Bush tax cuts, then business would take off, the economy would improve, unemployment would go down, and everything would be great. How many jobs did they create?

Now big business says since the public is buying fewer goods, they cannot hire new workers. But people out of work cannot buy more goods. This is a catch 22.

In the meantime big business and banks are sitting on trillions of dollars which could be used for new machinery and more jobs.

Specific promises are important. There is a downside to reducing regulations and taxes. Lower taxes mean fewer government services or higher taxes on someone else.

Regulations exist for a reason. For example, if we gut environmental regulations enough we will have air and water like China. Do we really want that?

Now about putting people back to work. We need more then just promises. Reducing taxes and dropping regulations just doesn’t get the job done.

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