Posted on November 13, 2011




The verdict is in on Iran who is doing its damnedest to develop a nuclear weapon, and the only sane international response is to stop Iran.

Reasonable people may disagree on just how to compel Iran to abandon all efforts to build a nuclear weapon, but no one should doubt any longer the urgency to do it quickly and completely.

Diplomatic and economic pressure should be applied to the fullest degree as a first measure, ideally with previously reluctant Russia and China. Russia, China and North Korea have been helping to build the Iranian nuclear program which was said to be for producing electricity and for medical purposes.

But if diplomacy and sanctions fail, we hope President Barack Obama assembles a truly international response like that handled the Libyan situation.

Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadnejad wants to destroy Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Military action by the UN, the United States or Israel alone has grave risks. It could drive Iran’s nuclear program deeper underground or unleash a wave of regional violence, a horrific scenario for Israel.

It was a chilling report released this week by International Atomic Energy Agency, a branch of the United Nations, who presented credible evidence that the Iranian government is secret working to develop a nuclear weapon. This is not a bogus claim like used by the Bush administration’s “weapons of mass destruction” to attack Iraq.

The United States and England have met to plan for a military strike on Iran, if it is necessary. Israel  had stated it will destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities in order to protect the lives of its people.

A clock is ticking. Iran, we are told, is working on a bomb. And this time we don’t hear a false alarm.

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