Posted on November 20, 2011




The congressional super committee deadline is fast approaching, and a deal must be in place by Wednesday to avoid $1.2 trillion in automatic budget cuts over 10 years.

So why is there a complete lack of urgency from the committee or anyone on Capitol Hill or the White House? It is simply that the budget cuts are going to be kicked down the road. This is the same old game, and most of us are tired of seeing it take place in Washington D.C.

There’s simply no urgency because no one expects a deal will be made. And it seems no one seemed to expect a budget deal in the first place.

The committee was set up to fail with six Republicans wanting more budget and tax cuts, and six Democrats wanting higher taxes on the rich along with tax reform and budget cuts.

So if the super committee fails, the $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts will come half from the Pentagon and half from discretionary spending. These across-the-board cuts are unpopular with most members of Congress and probably with many voters.

However, this automatic cut does not scare anyone because it is a sham. The automatic cuts aren’t scheduled to go into effect until after the 2012 presidential election and on January 1, 2013. Also, Republicans believe there is plenty of time for Congress to see that these cuts never happen.

This is more kicking the can down the road, and with the deadlock in Congress few people believe the politicians in Washington can accomplish anything. Congress’ approval rating is down to an all time low of 9 percent.

If no agreement is reached, it would be an abject failure as well as a broken promise to the American people.

Our only recourse is to kick those uncompromising congressmen out of office in 2012. We elected them to do the people’s business.

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