Posted on January 15, 2012




State Senator Wil Kraus is one of the “four horsemen” who tied up the Missouri Senate last year by filibustering acceptance of federal funds for the long-term unemployed, and now he is sponsoring another bad bill which attacks those receiving food stamps.

Kraus’ piece of work would require photo identification for food stamp recipients. The Republican from Lee’s Summit said that would be a logical extension to a law he championed last year requiring photo IDs and drug tests for welfare recipients. Also the Republican state general assembly passed a photo ID law requirement for voters at the polls. The governor vetoed this legislation.

Food stamps, first and foremost, help feed our nation’s children.

Among participating households with children, nearly 50 percent include working adults. This program sponsored by the U.S. Agriculture Department, provides a cushion for those working at low wages. Many are employed, but they live in poverty.

For the elderly on fixed incomes, food stamp benefits are now made available via a debit card, which translates into shopping with dignity. Those receiving food stamps can have cash in there pockets for medication and to keep the furnace fueled.

Food stamps, funded by Washington, puts food on our neighbors’ tables, keep children and the elderly from being malnourished, and stimulates local economies by sustaining jobs in  the retail-food sector.

Mean spirited Jefferson City lawmakers like Kraus show little compassion for the needy, and they want to tinker with federal programs to the determent of those requiring assistance and the state receiving money from Washington. All this is done by the ideological movement for less federal government and for all decisions to be made by the states.

Voters need to take note and elect people who care about our children and the less fortunate.

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