Posted on February 11, 2012




The Tea Party and its conservative pundit cheerleaders are in charge of the Republican primary free-for-all.

They’re the reason why Mitt Romney flip-flopped from moderate to conservative, and why he’s trying to distance himself from previous positions on national health care, abortion and climate change.

Romney’s loss in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado primaries to Rick Santorum resulted in his change of positions on a number of issues.

Republican candidates are falling all over themselves trying to prove each is a “true” conservative. That’s why each candidate is skewering his rivals by claiming they are Washington insiders while he’s the one and only outsider.

Couple this with the Washington Republican leadership of Senator Mitch McConnel and Representatives John Boehner and Eric Cantor who pledged to make Barack Obama a one term president, and that was two months after Barack took office. The Republican leadership along with the Tea Party House of Representatives members caused a deadlock in the Congress which lasted all last year.

Most independent and moderate voters want to see compromise and the government working for the well being of the people. This is true for Republican moderates.

If Republicans nominate a candidate who only has the support of the hardcore conservatives, or a candidate repudiated by those conservatives, the Tea Party and their pundits only have themselves to blame.

And it would serve them right if President Obama wins in November by a landslide.

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