Posted on February 26, 2012




Rick Santorum’s recent comments called into question the president’s religious convictions as phony, called the president a Hitler, and showed disrespect for Barack Obama is out-of-bounds for a presidential candidate.

Santorum pronounced that education should be out of the realm of government, and he called birth control an excuse for lascivious activity. He deemed amniocentesis as a means to identify disabled children so we can cull them from the population. These comments show what I’ve always known: Santorum is a one trick pony who wants to be Preacher-in-Chief.

Even Republicans are distraught at this loose canon and the thought that he may win this thing. Just think, Missouri Republicans voted for Santorum to be the presidential candidate in the recent primary.

I don’t want a president to tell me how to lead my life. I have a wife for that.

I want a president who worries about keeping our country the leader of the free world and who eases my financial pain.

For any president or potential president to tell me what we have to do or not do, or what to believe or not, is more than scary.

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