Posted on March 4, 2012




Concerning the newest violence in Afghanistan, have we not learned anything in the last 10 years? We know the natives there tend to overreact to anything, especially something concerning religion.

Are they overreacting to the Quran burning? Of course they are, but, for heaven’s sake, knowing the sensitivities there, did anyone think before burning books that they should check to see what they are burning? There is no excuse for this. And there is no excuse for Afghan security soldiers killing our soldiers in retaliation.

I think we have once again shot ourselves in the foot.

The murder of two American soldiers and injuring other NATO soldiers as retribution for the accidental burning the Quran should serve as a wake-up call, or better, the last straw. Get out of Afghanistan.

It was Afghan security military we had trained that killed our soldiers.

There’s no way that this regressive, repressive society can be dragged into civilization as we know it. The more money and lives we spend on them, the more they hate us.

The Soviet Union built schools, government buildings, hospitals, roads, and infrastructure in Afghanistan during their 10 year war there. All this has turned into rubble. The British and others have failed in Afghanistan since Alexander the Great and over the past 2,000 years.

We must stop trying to educate them to our way of life and values, and in our nation building there. Bring our troops home now. Let our forces be used only when necessary in the form of special forces and unmaned aircraft.

Our military should do what they were designed to do, go in and kill the enemy and come home.

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