Posted on March 11, 2012




Some Missouri legislators don’t get it as they want to have photo IDs for voters in this state. They don’t understand that buying a beer and cashing a check at the grocery store are not fundamental rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution, but voting is.

I don’t mind showing a photo ID for the former. But there should be no such requirement when it comes to exercising one’s right to vote. These legislators are mistaken in their thinking, and in some ways this thinking is stupid. There is no evidence to justify their fear of “voter fraud.” They know that voter ID laws are nothing more than a covert attempt by Republicans to prevent people who may not agree with their policies and positions from voting.

Rampant voter fraud does not exist. Ask your local county clerk and recorder. Voters who are denied the right to vote in states with stringent photo ID requirements, though, do exist. They are in the news every election.

Apparently these Missouri legislators have never been homeless, destitute or have everything stolen.

Don’t be fooled by voter fraud claims. It’s an old trick that was used for years in the South to keep black people from exercising one of their fundamental rights as citizens, the right to vote.

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