Posted on March 18, 2012




Once again I have read a letter to the editor from a person who believes Barack Obama is “set on destroying all that America stands for.” He is the president of the United States. Why would he want to destroy all that America stands for?

Because he is a Communist? That charge was made by enemies of Franklin D. Roosevelt when his Social Security bill passed.

Because he is a Muslim? Many people believe this even though he is a member of the United Church of Christ and has said he is a Christian many times.

Because he was not born in the United States? He has a birth certificate and a newspaper announcement to prove he was born in Hawaii.

Because he is the anti-Christ? How stupid is that charge?

What about all of us who voted for him and plan to do so again? Are we also one or all of the above? Or are all of us just fools that he has duped?

Here is what I suggest. Stop believing everything you hear on talk radio, see on TV or the Internet. Get a grip on yourself and find out the truth. Just because someone, the president or anyone else doesn’t agree with you politically doesn’t mean they want to destroy America.

It only means they want to do things differently.

Let’s respect our president and realize he has made many tough decisions for the betterment of all of us.

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